UK Says It Expects United States To Protect Media Freedoms


LONDON (REUTERS) - Britain expects the United States to continue its tradition of protecting media freedoms, foreign minister Dominic Raab said on Thursday (June 4) when asked about protests sparked by the death of Mr George Floyd.

While the demonstrations have been largely peaceful, police in some cities have used force against journalists and protesters, and protesters have clashed with police.

Asked during an interview on Sky News whether he condemned police violence in the US, Mr Raab said: "Anyone that saw the footage of the treatment of George Floyd would have been moved and distressed, as I was, and I think seeing the protests and the violence is very distressing.

"I want to see America come together... you mention media freedoms and journalistic freedoms; of course, the US has a fine tradition of protecting all of those things, and yes, we do expect that to continue."