Sanforizing Machine(denim fabric)

Sanforizing Machine(denim fabric)
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As one of the best sanforizing machine manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized mechanical shrinking machine. Welcome to visit our website.

Mechanical shrinking machine  

Machine Process:

Open width fabric entry→2 roll heavy squeeze padder with chemical tank→13 rollers Skew unit→drying can→Plaiter and 2nd entry of fabric→drying can moisturized→double face rotary discs moisturized →mini-stenter→rubber blanket pre-shrinking→woolen blanket finishing→cooling can→plaiter


The machine is applicable to denim fabric  pre-shrinkage and finishing process. It can reduce shrinkage, stabilize size and improve the hand touch of fabrics.

Main specifications:

  • Nominal machine width range: 1800-3600mm

  • Mechanical speed: 5-100m/min

  • Driving mode: frequency conversion

  • Control device: PLC

  • Pre-shrinkage rate:maximum  18%

  • shrinkage rate: minimum 0~1%

Machine structure:

  • Entry with centering device, 10tons heavy padder with chemical tank, 13pcs rollers Skew unit, 24pcs dia.570mm cylinders,

  • bows Padder: SS roller, dia. 350mm, rubber roller dia.350mm, hardness:80±

  • Chemical tank: SS 316L, Height 450mm, width 600mm, 2 guider rollers, with indirect steam heating system.

  • Skew unit: Upper 7 and down 6 rollers. Guide roller dia. 150mm,Teflon coating.

  • Drying cylinder: two stacks, each stack 12pcs drying cylinders, dia.570mm, Motor 5.5KW, separated steam trap, Teflon coating, SS rotary joint.


Moisture device

Single damping cylinder steam spray damping ensures that the fabric is evenly moistened before entering the next process.It improves the softness and plasticity of the fabric.

Working type of steam cylinder: dia.570mm S.S. drying cylinder, max.working pressure is 0.30MPa,  after winded with steel wire mesh, then covered with several layers of clothes . The wet steam enters into steel wire mesh from steam inlet and penetrates the fabrics directly, which ensure enough damping and necessary moisture content.

one set S.S. damping box, double face rotary disc for moisture supply, the high pressure nozzle is from Danfoss(Denmark, which is reliable and has strong injection, good atomization.


Consist of tank, cast iron guide rail and chain, the motor drive screw shaft for selvedge edge adjustment, 1.5m length chamber, comprises of rectangular pipe MS sheet, cast iron guide rail, chain and gearbox, driven by motor.

Rubber blanket pre-shrinking unit

This process removes the potential shrinkages of the fabric and finishes the technical of preshrinking.

The thickness of the rubber blanket is 67mm and width is 2000mm, made by DAYTEX or DUNLINE from USD, and hardness is A type 38±2°

The dia. of the rubber blanket roller is 616mm and the max.pressure is up to 0.5Mpa. It is made from 23mm S.S. 304 stainless steel which ensure the high preshrinking rate.

Pressing roller, tension roller,guide roller and water squeezing roller are made by seamless pipe which coverd with S.S.304 steel, diameter of pressing roller is 220mm, the steam trap in rubber blanket unit is from SpiraxSacro. The grinding roller is driven by 11kw motor individually to grind the rubber blanket. The pressing roller and tension roller adopt motor driving.

The fabric entry of rubber blanket unit has three safety devices: wire drawing emergency stop, infra-red electrical safety switch, pressure-bearing roller back device, there is one bow roller in the fabric outlet.

The wall plate of rubber blanket pre-shrinking unit has treated with hot galvanizing to improve anti-corrosion level and extend the machine lift.  

Woolen blanket finishing unit

It dries the finished fabric to keep the stability of preshrinking effect and improves the handle of the fabric.The specification of the woolen blanket: 2500g/needled felt.

The dia. of the big cylinder is 2000mm,made of carbon steel plate and chromed plate. The  drying unit is composed with two pcs of dia.800mm S.S. drying cylinders.

Steeling(correcting) roller is controlled by the photo electricity switch to control and install the flex of the cylinder so that the roller moves up and down to correct the bias of the woolen blanket.

There are three pcs of dia.570mm cooling water rollers on the fabric outlet which driven by double chains.

The fabric plaiter

The woolen blanket is from USA Morison China joint venture.


Steamer damping


Single steam cylinder damping



Big cylinder with surface chrome coated.


Mini-stenter section


Denin fabric Sanforizing machine process