Sanforizing Machine(non-denim fabric)

Sanforizing Machine(non-denim fabric)
Product Details

Sanforizing machine  

Main specifications:

Machine breadth: 1800~3600mm

Preshrinkage: maximum 18%

Shrinkage: minimum 0~1%

Speed: 5~100m/min

Main features:

It mainly consists of fabric tensioner, fabric feed roller, straighter roller; 1pc SS moisture tank, high pressure nozzle, Danfoss brand, strong injection, good atomization.

Rubber blanket pre-shrinking unit

Eliminates fabric inner shrinkage stress , completes fabric pre-shirinkage process.

The rubber blanket thickness is 67mm, USA DAYTEX or DUNLINE brand, hardness is Shore-A38±2°

The diameter of the heating pressure roller is 616mm and the maximum pressure can reach 0.50Mpa. 23mm thickness  SS 304 stainless steel roller ensure the high preshrinking rate.

Pressing roller, tension roller, guide roller and water squeezing roller are made of seamless pipe compounded with SUS304 sheet.

Diameter of pressing roller is 220mm, the steam trap in rubber blanket unit is  from SpiraxSacro. UK

Security devices

Emergency stop switch

Infrared photo-electronic safe switch

Pressure roller astern device

The wall plate of rubber takes hot galvanizing process to improve anti-corrosion level, prolong machine lifespan.

Felt finishing unit

drying the fabric to keep its stability of preshrinking effect and improve the hand touch feeling of the fabric

The specification of the felt: 2500g/㎡ needled felt

big cylinder dia.2000mm is made of MS plate rolled. 2pcs drying drums in dia.800mm, SS material.

Bias-correcting roller is controlled and adjusted by air cylinders via the photo-electricity switch, the roller moves up and down to correct the bias of the felt.

one pcs cooling water drum with dia.570mm in the fabric outlet, driven by double rows chain.

The batcher outlet

Morison brand felt (joint venture with USA).

double disc damping deviceSS thread uncurling roll section at the entrance of sanforizing unit
Sanforizing unitFelt finishing unit
Sanforizing machine process


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