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As one of the best extinguisher manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized extinguisher. Welcome to visit our website.

ZCM078 model extinguisher

Breadth: 1800~3600mm

Used for extinguishing spark residue on full width fabric, meanwhile cooling the fabric, fabric tightly fastened to the cooling drum dia.300mm, 5 pieces flame retardant rubber rolls dia.150mm pressing cooling drum from different directions, cooling fabric and extinguishing sparks for 5 times, pressure is adjustable, effectively prevent fabric from burning out and avoid fabric creases, cooling drum driven by motor.

1 pc cooling drum with dia.300mm, jacket structure, out layer is 304SS, internal layer is MS, better cooling performance.

5pcs rubber rollers, dia.150mm, seamless steel pipe coated with anti-blast rubber material.

10 pcs air cylinders with pressing rubber roller on both sides.

1 set drive chain and wheel, driven by following cooling drum device.

1 set air control panel, configured with gauge, valves.