Front Brushing Unit

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As one of the best front brushing unit manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized brushing machine. Welcome to visit our website.

ZCM018 model brushing and beating brushing unit

Breadth: 1800~3600mm


Chamber structure: Closed chamber, fluff and dust no leakage; keep site clean, nice appearance, good seal, no fluff leakage

Compact design: 2 pcs spiral brushing rollers, bristle hair, MS shaft coated with engineering plastic thickness sleeve, dia.190mm 2 pcs brushing & beating rollers, MS shaft coated with thick aluminum alloy . bristle hair. Beating fabric while brushing, to keep the fluff up, make dust drop fast, and prepare well for singeing;

Special air duct: conic and rectangle shape air duct, narrow slot sucking design, sucking strong and evenly.

Special exhaust fan: strong air pressure, impeller no fluff winded.

Cloth bag dust collection: scientifical structure design, easy for cleanning, no fluff or dust leakage at exit.

Brushing roll adjustable: move brushing roll to adjust brushing strength for various fabrics via worm wheel and worm rod device.



brushing and beating brushing unit



brushing and beating roller

beating roller


dust bag collection