Singeing Burner

Singeing Burner
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As one of the best singeing burner manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized singeing burner. Welcome to visit our website.

Y model energy-saving multi-mixing jet burner technology

High intensity light weight aluminum alloy material, adopt multi-mixing ,evenly, jet structure, to achieve:

1.Gas mixing evenly, fully combustion: one time narrow slot, one time filter, three times expanding chamber structure, make gas and air mixing passing two times evenly disperse, three times compressed , three time expanded and achieve four times mixed finally.

2.Fully combustion---it is a necessary condition for flame releasing maximum thermo energy at highest temperature.

3.Energy concentration, lowest consumption, the flame height is 50~60mm, width 5~6mm.

4.Stepless flame width adjustment via compressed air, remove non-effective flame.

5.Lowest thermo loss, flame no touch with metal body in four methods.

6.Flame temperature can reach 1300℃, quality ≥4 class.

7.Maximum energy-saving up to 30%.

8.The burner chamber lifespan over 10 years.

Burner breadth: 1600~3800mm(can be customized )

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