4PCS Burners Singeing Unit

4PCS Burners Singeing Unit
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As one of the best 4pcs burners singeing unit manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized 4pcs burners singeing unit. Welcome to visit our website.

Singeing machine features:

1.Chamber structure: nice appearance, good seal, smoking dust no leakage

2.Compact design: 4pcs burners in one singeing unit, each burner independent control  and operation, ideal structure, less space occupied.

3.Constant ratio: scientifical gas mixing system, ensure constant mixing ratio between gas and air, highest flame temperature assures the perfect singeing performance.

4.Complete function: tangential singed on guide roll, singed onto free fabric in vertical , singed onto free fabric in angle 45˚, singed onto guide roll, suitable for various fabrics.

5.New model professional air blower: flame centralized, strong and tough, good penetration.

6.Precious action: different singeing modes can be realized by the rotation of burner and up and down movement of cooling roller.

7.Safe and credibility: on line monitor for smoke exhaust fan, flame, burner, cooling water etc

8.New design electrical control: touch screen / button operation, auto control, auto monitor, auto alarm and maintenance hint…



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