Singeing Unit For Nonwoven Fabric

Singeing Unit For Nonwoven Fabric
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Tailored design for nonwoven fabric singeing process

    One closed chamber, two burners. Inspecting windows at both sides. Easy for cleanning and maintenance.

    2pcs barometers installed on the side doors for operator to easily control the flame.

    Two sets Y model double jet Burners (similar as Osthoff), SiC bricks fixed along with the burner on both sides; Singed onto the cooling roll.

    Multi-times air&gas mixing realized. Integrated aluminum alloy material body, inside with water cooling channel to cool burner, prevent burner from being distort.

    Through times compressed, collided, the more evenly mixed gas and air sprays from the burner narrow gap, generates strong penetrability, good linear and high temperature flame.

    Burners can be manually moved in parallel according to different fabrics.

    2pcs cooled water rollers, dia.300mm, internal jacket structure, outside 2.5mm SS plate, inside 2mm MS plate, better cooling performance, the cooled rollers driven fabric has light padder function.

    2sets air cylinders, used for turning burner, once speed reaches set value, burner turns to singeing position; once speed is lower than the set value, burner turns back to initial position.

    2 pcs water flow switches, check water flow, gas solenoid valve stop if no water detected, gas solenoid valve auto closes and alarms if flame extinguished. Meanwhile burner auto resets.

    1set cooled water temperature sensor, auto checks, keeps water under 50 centigrade while running,

    4pcs PT100 sensor for burner body temperature on line monitoring and protect.

    2pcs pressure gauges with electric contact for fresh water supply pressure checking and protecting.

    1pc air pressure switch for exhaust fan

    2sets auto ignition devices, can ignite 3~5 times per operation.

    2sets flame detectors(ionization), check flame condition, once ignition failed, then shut-off gas valve and alarm; if flameout while machine running, then shut-off gas valve and alarm, then burner back to initial position.

    2 sets gas& air pipes, made of seamless pipe, configured with shut-off valve, solenoid valve, proportional valve, pressure adjusting valve, mixing pipes, barometers, metal soft pipe, butterfly valve etc.

    2 sets air supply blowers, high pressure and enough flux, inverter control, save energy.

    1 set flame width adjustment device, consists of hand valve, adjusting valve, gauge, flow adjusting valve etc.

    2pcs guide roll inside of singeing unit, dia.150mm. 2mm MS+2mm SS compounded.

    2pcs guide roll at the entry and exit of singeing unit, dia.150mm, 2mm MS+2mm SS compounded.

    1 set smoke exhaust fan,

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comparision for nonwoven fabric singed before and after

1_副本non-singed fabirc _副本singed fabirc_副本

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