Sizing Machine-FD618

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Sizing Machine-FD618

Compact and low speed model


This sizing machine (or named mini-stenter machine) is suitable for sizing and weak stentering process of silk, cotton and other fabrics.

Main specification

Sizing mode: double-sided

fabric width: up to 3200mm

Machine speed: 0.1~4m/min

Drying mode: 2 sets of infrared radiation heating tubes(longer and shorter one), alternative for wide and narrow fabrics.

The longer heating rods: installed power is 79.80kw(each rod power 3.8kw, each group have 3pcs, total 7 groups, so total rods are 21pcs.

The shorter heating rods: installed power is 46.20kw(each rod power 2.2kw, each group have 3pcs, total 7 groups, so total rods are 21pcs.

Installed motor power: 3.58kw(comprise of Padder motor 1.5kw, pin plate driver 1.5kw, winder motor 0.4kw, selvedge tracking motor 0.18kw )

Main equipment description

The sizing machine is composed of entry frame, sizing Padder , selvedge tracking and stentering device, infrared radiation heating device, winder and bottom supporting frame.

The entry frame is composed of tensioner, passing roller, steel channel, photoelectric centering device, etc

The sizing Padder is mainly composed of passing roller, wallboard, sizing press roller, sizing groove and expanding roller, etc, double faces sizing (single face sizing can be designed according to customer), the sizing groove can be lifted up or down, and the spraying pipe is fixed above the pressing roller for easy cleaning. The wallboard and door of the sizing padder are made of 304 stainless steel plate. The drainage tank is on the bottom of the sizing padder. The sizing roll consists of one steel roll and one rubber coated roll; the steel roll dia.245mm, and the rubber coated roll dia.250mm.

Exit is composed of wallboard, passing roller, expanding roller , tension adjusting device, batcher,

Tracing-edge mechanism is composed of photoelectric switch for detecting edge, stroke switch for maximum limit of swing arm, stroke switch for insurance and AC linear motor. The selvage signal detected by the photoelectric switch in the whole system is sent to PLC(programmable controller) for processing, and an intermittent pulse voltage signal is output to drive the left and right movement of AC linear motor, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic selvage finding. 

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