Dry Sueding Machine

Dry Sueding Machine
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As one of the best dry sueding machine manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized dry sueding machine. Welcome to visit our website.

MW combined carbon(ceramic)fiber sueding machine

Emery paper roll, carbon fiber or ceramic fiber roll combined together, can achieve various sueding processes for different fabrics, wide applicable to cotton, polyester etc.

Main feature:

Shorter length for sueding dwelling time(about 5m)

Better dust collection system

Special dust blowing and sucking device, clear  extra hair on fabric

More user-friendly design, such as walkway platform, fully open cover, protect shell etc.

Auto emery paper fasten device(optional)

Main technical data:

Machine breadth: 1800~3600mm

Machine speed: 5~40m/min

Emery paper roll diameter: φ176mm  φ215mm

Carbon or ceramic fiber roll diameter: φ288mm

Sueding combined design : 6 pcs emery paper rolls+ 4pcs carbon or ceramic fiber rolls.