Ultra-soft Sueding Machine

Ultra-soft Sueding Machine
Product Details

As one of the best ultra-soft sueding machine manufacturers in China with a good reputation, Prosperity Textile Machinery is able to offer you customized ultra-soft sueding machine. Welcome to visit our website.


1. Usage:

Suitable for knitting fabrics (cotton, Polyester and their blend) sueding finishing process.

2. Features:

Can provide perfect touch feeling compare to traditional sueding machines.

3. Main technical specifications

  • Speed: 10-45m/min

  • Nominal width: 2200mm     Fabric width: 2000mm

  • Sueding Roll Dia.:  φ285mm

  • QTY: 7pcs

  • Fabric press pipe        φ70mm QTY: 12pcs

4. Drive power: 

  • Big cylinder:               7.5KW

  • Sueding roll:               22KW*2

  • Entry roll:                 2.2KW

  • Front drive roll:           2.2KW

  • Back drive roll:            2.2KW

  • Brushing roll:              2.2KW

  • Plaiting roll:              2.2KW

  • Plaiting drive roll:        2.2KW  

5. Main accessories 

Dust collection system , fan motor : 18.5kw

6. User supply:

  • Pipes and accessories for dust collect system.

  • Compressed air station and pipes outside the machine.

7. Characteristics 

MH908 model sueding machine is of planetary wheel drive structure, 2 pcs drive rolls in th front and in the rear sueding rolls, adjust the fabric tension, keep fabric in stable tension value , the arc sheet can be adjusted to fit different fabric sueding processes, the 6pcs sueding rolls running by itself and also rotating together with the big cylinder synchronizing, closer to fabric and softer, the sueding section chamber is of closed structure, fully seal, no dust leakage. 

The fabric tension value parameters can be pre-set and auto-feedback, one machine has 4 load cells, achieve constant tension while sueding . 

Adjustable uncurling rolls, the touch angle can be adjusted between uncurling roll and fabric.

Control section: AC. Inverter synchronizing drive, PLC control, man-interface , can operate by touch screen or button, the main control components are from Schneider.







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